101230 MCD Hyunseung & GD

101230 MCD Hyunseung & GD

태그 : 정형돈
영상 시간 : 1:36
평점 : 4.96

좋아요 : 837 , 안좋아요 : 7

출처 : YH Kim

101230 M countdown BEAST Hyunseung & BigBang GD.

업데이트 날짜 : [vid_date] 101230 M countdown BEAST Hyunseung & BigBang GD.


  1. Now that i see this, i want to see B.I and HongSeok moment!! Also Kyuhyun and Jinho moment 😂

  2. 느끼해도 좋고 느끼해서 더 좋음

  3. YG why did you eliminate Hyunseung in the first place? aigoo~ 

  4. hyunseung was supposed to be in big bang and was unfortunately cut from the team

  5. Dongwoon is the one in all white. He looks very much like a pimp.

  6. GD was sitting while talk with hyunseung

  7. where can i find it? it's here in youtube?

  8. do u mean GD and Hyun Seung? they knew each other from YG ent, Hyun Seung was trainee in YG and he almost be a part of Bigbang. You should watch Bigbang documentary

  9. I know this is an old video, but can I ask, where are they old friends?

  10. will i’m a vip & i can see it very clearly .. sweet friendship 🙂

  11. Awwe GD looks like a kid beside Hyunseung … love them both XD

  12. LOL sorry but yeah based on my previous comment I do sounds like YG STAN. I'm just answering your question tho.

  13. I'm just too tired of hear the same thing again and over again .. u must be a YG stan xDDD

  14. Probably because of their so called rapper who tried so hard to look like GD. I'm not trying to sounds like a hater, but at some point I can see that he does look like wannabe. Even koreans made a joke by saying 'fake GD'

  15. Why some VIPS hate Beast? Can't they see the friendship between HYunseung and them? :c so sad

  16. Obviously GD was sitting/leaning on a table or something

  17. can i ask? why hyunseung look taller than GD? i heard hyunseung height is 176 same as GD? are hyunseung use insoles or GD real height is not 176?

  18. lol! At the beginning, you can see dongwoon from beast!! ke ke ke! sure you are a vip who don't know beast members' names!!

  19. omg ! i love how they are still friends even though they debut at different group . i love this feeling

  20. hyunseung high five with taeyang,, if you miss that moment,, you can search in youtube,,~__~

  21. Ah, I know the ending of that Bigbang documentary, I'm watching it now though, and got to say I feel good seeing this 🙂

  22. 0:21 the sound effect when GD turns around is exact to how i felt seeing his hair . . .

  23. even though at the SBS Gayo Daejun awards 2012, beast was sitting behind big bang, i didn't see any interactions between them (hyunseung and big bang) 🙁

  24. My new OTP: GDxHyunseung (GSeung? Hyun-D? JiSeung? HyunYong?) I DAAAAA NAAAAAAAA

  25. any GSeung (GD x Hyunseung) here? XD

  26. Gd and hyunseung would miss each other

  27. Haha, Dongwoon does look like a pimp.

  28. So heartwarming that they're close even though they ended up belonging to different groups:) There's no hate or animosity between the two b/c they're such good friends:D

  29. You're mistaken. He isn't referring to GD, he's referring to fluffy Pimpwoon.

  30. Dongwoon was in the video too….Maybe she was talking about him…

  31. What's that song in 0:30 – 0:35?

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